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Attention: the new version has the first room disabled if you haven't played it before. 

This game simulates a real-world escape room. The player starts in a closed room and has to try to get out as soon as possible. To do so, the player can inspect, combine, and interpret objects to obtain new clues to solve new puzzles. By studying the environment closely, the player will also experience a haunting story...

Room 1: The Sick Colleague
Room 2: Barbara's Secret

  • free movement in 3D
  • many objects to inspect
  • tricky puzzles
  • hint system
  • a journey into the depths of a well-known friend
  • single player or multiplayer coop for 2 - 6 players (crossplay with Steam version)
  • available in 10 languages (English, German, Chinese simplified, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Polish)

Need support? Come visit the Discord: https://discord.gg/grjdJvM


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I have a question, what is the game or the escape room from the one you made the remake?

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Hey, the original escape room is a real room you can play in real life. It is situated in Germany in the city of Lübeck: https://key-zone.de/events/tea-time-at-mr-wig/

I can recommend it if you are in the city, we had great fun there. That is why I wanted to make a virtual version of the room. But my enthusiasm went a bit too far I guess...

is there any jumpscares since this is a horror game? Or at least thats what it looks like. I saw that it showed as a horror game on steam

Hey, no, there are no jump scares, no monsters, no other life forms at all. It is just exploring the room and finding clues. The topic is a bit dark so what you will find out is scary and sad.

when will the first room be done with constructio

Deleted 1 year ago

I cannot say because it is not for me to decide. Let me explain:
The first room is a fan remake of a real existing escape room and it was playable until January 2022. The owners noticed the game on Steam and did not want their puzzles to appear online and asked me to deactivate it. At some point in time, it might get reactivated but it is for the owners to decide on that. Last status from June 2022: the owners still do not know when they will decommission their room so it will take a bit more time to wait for the first room to come back into the game.

Hi i got stuck just when i go down stairs, can some one help me?

You have to sort the items on the table in the colored trays. Use that info then on the colored buttons. But listen to the sound they make ;)

difficult ㅠㅠ

That way you can spend more hours with the game ;) Good luck!

Hello ! SPOILER AHEAD !!!!!!!!!! Great game, i loved it! But, I don't understand the story, i completed all parts 100% and still i cant figure it out, who was the hairdresser? Why do he spy on Barbara in her beach house if he work for her ? Can you explain me please ? i'm kinda frustrated for not understanding. Would love a part 3 !

Hi Gogeta,

That is a bit confusing since you might not have been able to play part 1, I hope it will be back someday.
The hairdresser is the internal codename for your colleague from part 1 who was spying and kidnapping women. And because he loves hair so much and takes it from them before delivering them to Barbara in her house on the beach. So they are working together. And he is spying on her in secret because...she has nice hair as well... he really is creepy. And so the timeline is like you were discovering the doings of your colleague/hairdresser in part 1 and rescuing Barbara because it seemed like he will kidnap her. In fact, he was just supposed to meet her that day. That is why Barbara is annoyed on the tape recorder about him not showing up that day. In the end, she talks about the dinner she promised you for the "rescue". Then she gets a call from another accomplice (the one on the ship), telling her about the arrest of the hairdresser. So she packs up and flees. The other message on the answering machine is from Celine who is sitting in the café, waiting for Barbara. She was talking about that on the voice recorder. And of course, they won't meet that day. It is not important for the main story, just a small side arc to discover.
If you have any more questions, let me know. Thank you for playing the game! :)

Thanks a lot ! I know that's fast but are you working on the part 3 ? So yeah i understand now why he's spying on Barbara. Your game is really cool, i loved it ! Thanks again for this and for answering this fast !

Thank you very much :)
For part 3: I know I want to make it at some point but at the moment I need a bit of a break, I am making this game as a hobby after work so I had almost no free time for the last year. But that doesn't mean I will quit ;)


Nice! Congrats and thanks for playing! :) Part 2 is in development!

Here you have it :)

Digital Escape room focussing on classic real life Escape room puzzles. Look through the room, find clues, make connections and solve the number locks around the apartment. I really enjoy when games emulate real Escape rooms, but would love to see more than just number locks/combinations in the sequel. And since I dont want to spoil anything, I was also impressed by the end and narrative bits that the developers used to give you actually interesting background to what happened to your unfortunately sick colleague. 3,5/5

More Itch Bundle impressions: https://tomalexi.itch.io/
Youtube Channel: http://bit.ly/YTPList

Thank you ☺️ and you are right, I try to make more diverse puzzles in the sequel! 

Great to hear :) Thanks! And well done giving it a narrative spin!

I will also try to build on that, giving "more story" but always keeping it in the background to be explored. My goal is that every puzzle solved will tell you a piece of the story. Maybe it won't work all of the time but what are goals for :)

Haha, absolutely the right attitude :) I am looking forward to it! 

Hey Toma,
Part 2 was just released and I hope the puzzles are more to your liking (even if some of them may be harder)

hey, can some one tell me what to do? ToT I am terrible at these types of games...

Hey, thanks for playing :)

You can start by arranging the yellow sticky notes in alphabetical order and use the underlined numbers on them for the yellow/golden lock.

Another tricky thing is sorting the plates and then match the cups by their pattern. The numbers in the plates give you the order of the code and the cups the digits. Use those on the red lock.

Good luck and feel free to ask for more hints here or on the Discord :)

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tysm! <3

also I just wanted to let you know that this game is really good and the animation is amazing! Keep up the good work and I would love to check out some (possibly?) future games!

so I know this soon to ask for help...again, but I'm stuck at the chess pieces part. I've got the queen and bishop down (I think?) but I'm stuck at the part where is say "there's not much to it." I thought that it could be a pawn but apparently I'm wrong. sorry but I've legit been trying for 5 minutes straight.

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Well you got the pieces right, Queen, Bishop and pawn. Double check they are on the right positions that are mentioned on the CDs. Also make sure the Bishop is  not a pawn (they look similar) or the Queen is right (she has no cross on the head)

do they all have to be the brown color

What piece should I put on 7f? 7F is on a CD but I can't tell what piece I should put on 7F.

If you are playing the English version it says "Very catholic" on the CD and this would be the Bishop piece. If you can't find it, you have to open the small wooden box first.

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Thanks for this game! Bought in in Steam, played with my gf and alone multiple times:)

Idk how, but some guys passed 0-second in speedrun table... if anybody of speedrunners of this game read me, tell some hints pls, i want to try run the game too

Thank you! The 0 second runs were possible in multiplayer where one player solved the game, got the last card and then joined another player in multiplayer who started a fresh game and after start the first player immediately activated the final door. Then the second player who started the game had 0 seconds. But it is fixed now, the times are synchronizes between players.
I guess 0 seconds now is possible by hacking only but let me know :)

If you want, you can play it once more, now with the new room in place :)

can you plsssss add an macos  vorson i like the game soooooooooo much   very gooooood    love it

Thank you very much :) Sadly, I don't have a Mac so I can't create a version for it and I also wouldn'T be able to support questions for that version. But maybe one day...I can afford a used MacBook or something, then you will get your version ;)

This was a lot of fun to play together (without coop ^^)

Thank you! :) I remember your Let's Play with KatZe, it was also very entertaining to watch!

Cool game indeed. :)

<3  :)

Hey iwan & kat_ze,
If you don't know what to Let's Play next, the game got a new room waiting for you :)